Jung American.

jungmaven hemp shirt

For the environmentally conscious, stripe addict, please forward your attention to Jungmaven.  Not only do they make sweet pieces likes this (which I plan on nabbing), the carbon-print friendly range is made up of colorful tees in all lengths & a dress or two for the ladies.  All products are either mostly made up, of or contain 100% hemp & created in the U.S.of A.  So get out there kids &  take pride in Uhmerrica…for reals.

Oh, & be sure to check out the site in regards to hemp and all the goodness that it is. Plus, it’s that back pocket trivia will come in handy when someone compliments you wearing this on the street.

Get it here Jungmaven

David Bowie Young American

Here’s to the Non-American that gave us Americans some pretty effing awesome tunes.

      Young Americans - David Bowie








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