I Think, I Want To Be Pretty In Pink.

pink lips
Times they are a changing.  My tomboy tendencies had always ‘nay-sayed’ anything 
leopard & downright ‘despised’ the color pink.  Yet, over the years I have slowly dabbled in wearing spots. First shoes, then handbags, now wanting coats!  My, how quickly we landslide.  So now, at this very moment, I eat my words as I renounce my distaste of  the color that I so quickly associated with fussy, prissy, complicated, and girly.  Pepto Bismal Pink as I call it, is looking real good, real edgy, and making me rethink my hair color (wow, did I really just say that?). Never say never kids.

Ok, loved the movie back then, but still disliked the actual color.  Not going to play the obvious track here…going to play one of my other favorite tunes from this soundtrack.

      INXS - Do Wot You Do - INXS




pink coat
(Images via Celine, Nars in Roman Holiday, Karen Walker F13, They All Hate Us, We The People)

pink hair






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